Brendan journey into gaming began with family game night of either chess with his father, or family Monopoly.  Eventually turning into middle school HeroQuest then D&D ... and then on to the vaunted AD&D.  In an effort to become one of the 'cool kids' he began playing Magic: The Gathering, eventually growing his deck into one of the most annoying, and frustrating Blue Control decks his friends have ever seen.  Pissing off High School students to this very day.  He also became frighteningly good at the original StarCraft, and Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64.  The young man obsessed over Baldur's Gate, and Fallout 1 & 2 before realizing that he was developing a Vitamin D deficiency from never seeing the sun.

One day while in college Vince invited Brendan to a game he had never heard of ... Diplomacy: The Friend Ender and his obsession with strategy games hasn't been quenched since.

Brendan still plays video games on XBox and PC, favorite recent games include Mass Effect, Bioshock, Braid, and Fez.

Vince consistently being Brendan's "Board Game Friend" eventually inspired him to start his own collection, favorite current games include: Dominant Species, Werewolf, Legendary and Myth.

Brendan went to SDSU earning a Degree in Electrical Engineering and Theatre Arts, working for General Atomics for 6 years before jumping ship to education, teaching Engineering and Physics at High Tech High Media Arts.  Brendan also help found two non-profit theatre companies in San Diego, working both in the technical and creative sides of the stage.

Brendan started playing Android: Netrunner when Vince delivered him a pre-ordered Core set in 2012, and ever since has basically been saying to himself "I'm not good enough at playing to play the popular decks, so I need to build a deck thats good at screwing them up".  He's made the cut in a few tournaments, but no 1st or 2nd Places.