Vince got his start in gaming at a young age, playing chess with his dad and forcing his sisters to play Risk and HeroQuest (and playing Barbies with them in a demented quid pro quo). In middle school, he discovered Magic: The Gathering, and played for a few years before he realized he was too poor to feed his addiction. He discovered Axis and Allies and Diplomacy in high school. In fact, it was through Diplomacy where he and Brendan first became friends/adversaries. Vince likes to frequently remind Brendan of the time he organized a massive world-wide alliance against Brendan's UK in a 33 player online game of Diplomacy which featured a turn in which 20 of Brendan's supply centers were nuked.

There was a dark period of time (featuring World of Warcraft) before Vince discovered BGG and the world of hobby games in 2005, and he hasn't been the same since. Though he started off with cube pushers, these days he is more into games that give a fun experience. Some of his current favorite games these days are Sentinels of the Multiverse, Space Alert, RoboRally, and Letters from Whitechapel.

Outside of gaming, Vince is an educator, an aspiring programmer, and an anarchist (the peaceful type, not the bomb-throwing type).

Vince started playing Android: Netrunner when the game was released in 2012. His deck-building philosophy is "Build decks that frustrate the top archetypes". His play philosophy is "Never get siphoned!"