How'd this get started?

Well, I'm Brendan, and my friend Vince got me into this crazy game with a core set, and I haven't looked back since.  We spend hours, to the chagrin our our significant others not only playing but talking ... at length ... about Netrunner.  We did it so much, and were so cocky about it we thought: "dude, we should record some of these conversations, I think others would be interested".  We started spending time in our FLGSs and talking there with other fans, and again, started talking almost as much as we played ... to the chagrin of all our significant others.

So Vince and I decided it was time to make something of our girlfriends frustrations and put it out there on the internet.  Here it is, our podcast.  If you're interested in hearing about our perspective gaming pasts, click on our names on the side

Why Listen?

I found myself stagnating as a player, not getting to those high levels of play, and wanting more.  I started reading articles and message boards and my play improved.  I wasn't horrible anymore.   I started analyzing the most popular decklists, and reading tournament results from around the country ... my game improved once more, but only slightly and once more plateauing: placing in a tournament, and sneaking into the top 8 in a local league ... but still craving more.  I started listening to podcasts, and gain additional insights, but I wasn't getting the edge I needed, and realized there was a niche for me ... or at least a niche I wanted filled.

So here we are.  San San South, located in beautiful San Diego California, starting a Podcast centered on strategy, and improving your game.  We hope to provide at least one newbie player improving segment, and one intermediate/advanced player segment per week, as well as providing our own opinions and commentary.  We wont be doing whole pack card reviews, but we will talk about specific cards, and how we think/hope they will affect our and your meta.